Best Time To Upload Videos to TikTok (2023)

Best Time To Upload Videos to TikTok (2023)

The video-sharing app TikTok has attracted a massive user base in the past several years. Several videos posted to the TikTok app have amassed millions of views. Influencers mainly drive TikTok. Yet, several constraints must be observed while deciding whether to submit material on TikTok. To help you determine the optimal time to post on Tiktok for maximum interaction, this article will present some helpful guidelines. Are you interested in being a curator of viral videos or articles?

When should I upload videos to TikTok for maximum views?

More frequent posting will help you learn when it is optimal to share content on TikTok. By experimenting with them, you’ll learn what kinds of TikTok videos get the most views.

To assist you in determining the optimal time to upload to TikTok, several resources are available, including useful websites and analytics tools. The best time of day to upload to TikTok was identified through the investigation. The following is what you should find:

  • On Monday evenings at 10:00
  • On Tuesday from 5:00 to 7:00 pm,
  • Midway through the 9 o’clock hour on a Wednesday
  • On Thursday at 5:00 pm
  • At 2:00 on Fridays
  • From 11 am to 3 pm on Saturdays
  • A typical Sunday morning might begin at 10 am.

But it takes a lot of trial and error to determine who your target audience is for each social media account. Having said that, if you know what you should be looking for, you can learn much more quickly. Find out the optimal time to upload to TikTok by reading on.

What is the Best Time to Upload Content on TikTok?

With a global audience, locating additional individuals who would be interested in what you have to say is simple. But, to generate postings that would encourage visitors to follow you, you need to be familiar with the analytics underlying TikTok videos.

Certain guidelines can be followed to provide the greatest possible impact.

Analyzing the Optimal Time to Publish on TikTok: Four Factors

1. Think of the various time zones.

Time zones are a major factor to think about. If your audience is geographically dispersed, you’ll need to publish when as many people may access it as possible.

Trying out various presentation formats and time frames is the best approach to grasping this and becoming an expert on the topic. Time is of the essence when making many TikTok videos and scheduling their release at various intervals throughout the day.

2. To work together

TikTok stars that have built an audience through their videos are now viral. It’s no secret that many well-known people have abandoned their former professions to become successful TikTok influencers. Make the most of working together by contributing to the creation of content.

Working together is the most effective strategy for increasing the reach of your content. If there is an influencer whose specialty coincides with yours, it suggests that their audience is likely to be interested in what you have to say. So, by working with them, you will also have access to their audience.

3. Try something new.

Experimenting is the only way to learn when it is optimal to upload on TikTok. Not only in terms of timing but also in terms of how well your material is received by its target demographic. When you continue to upload videos to TikTok, you can use the platform’s statistics to see which clips generate the most views.

You’ll learn over time what kind of content performs well on different days of the week. That caveat aside, it’s possible that not all the videos you post will be appropriate for all audiences. A travel-themed TikTok video may do better on a Saturday morning, but the same video may not do as well on a Monday night. Understanding your target demographic is essential for success.

4. Using TikTok Analytics

It takes some research and experimentation to determine the optimum time to share content on TikTok. Many moving parts are involved in expanding an audience and creating engaging material. The number of views and likes a TikTok video receives is not dependent on when it was recorded or uploaded.

Use TikTok statistics to learn more about your audience and the types of videos they enjoy the most. TikTok pro is required for this. There’s zero out-of-pocket expense, and it’s there at your disposal. Just stick to the guidelines we’ve laid out:

  • Launch the app, and navigate to the options menu.
  • Click the “Privacy” tab to continue.
  • The switch to the pro button may be accessed by going to manage accounts.’
  • Your profile will be visible to the public after you click this.
  • Next, select Analytics from the menu when you click the ‘More’ button.
  • Insights on when your posts perform best in terms of engagement may be found in the data provided.

After your data, you can see which posts did best in certain areas and when. It’s one of the most excellent methods for figuring out when to upload videos to TikTok.


Every waking minute is a business opportunity when you’re attempting to earn a career off of social media. Several “lifestyle influencers” make a living solely from their online activities. The extra effort required to achieve such a high standard belies the apparent ease and comfort of the experience. In the beginning, being a creator takes a lot of trial and error, which is why not everyone succeeds. You must learn the app’s stats and put them to good use.

This is especially true when globalization increases competition and activity. It is essential to preserving one’s proficiency and knowledge. Today’s work market is highly competitive, so you must set yourself apart in any way you can.

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