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A Quick Guide On How To Pin Comments On Instagram

A Quick Guide On How To Pin Comments On Instagram

Instagram is an engaging platform that allows any user to share visual content and interact with other audiences. Users could receive a higher engagement rate on Instagram when more audiences like and comment on their videos to show their appreciation. To gain better engagement, Instagram recently launched an option to pin comments to increase your visibility.

Do you know how to pin comments on Instagram? Pinned comment Instagram feature rolled out for creating an engaging environment and helps to have control over your audience comments by avoiding negative comments. If you are trying to inject positivity into your Instagram audiences, find out how to pin comments on Instagram and stay on top of the thread. 

How To Pin Comments On Instagram Posts?

The pinned comment Instagram feature helps your target audiences to view the comments from your potential users under your engaging video. To use the pinned comments feature, ensure your Instagram application is updated. 

When you find a specific comment interesting, swipe it to the left in the comments section, and click the thumb icon. The Instagram pinned comment feature allows up to three comments to pin that appear right below your published content. 

Note: When you pin an audience’s comment, they receive a notification. So, understanding how to pin comments on Instagram encourages your potential audiences to comment on your engaging posts to get pinned on the top.

How To Pin Comments On Instagram Android?

Are you an android user and looking forward to find how to pin comments on Instagram? Follow the below steps to make it possible:

As a result, any of your audiences viewing the specific video will see the pinned comments first.

How To Pin Comments On Instagram iOS?

For iPhone users, the steps to pin comments on Instagram differ slightly. Get through the below points to get the engaging comments at the top:

The exact process repeats for iPad users to highlight the comments.

How To Pin Comments On Instagram Reels?

Instagram reels videos are short and engaging, where more people show interest in watching and commenting on the content. Therefore, using the pinned comments feature facilitates you to highlight your  Instagram reels videos  and enhance greater audience reach. To make it possible, get through the below steps:

The same repeats for iPhone users also. But instead of pressing the comment, swipe left from right to click the pin icon.

How To Pin Comments On Instagram Live?

Instagram live is an engaging session for your potential audiences to show your brand presence. Since Instagram reveals new updates regularly there is a new update on the live feature where you can pin comments on Instagram live. 

When you find an interesting comment from audiences during the live session, you can highlight the specific comment to keep it on the top. To do so, take down the steps below:

As a result, the required comment gets pinned on your Instagram live video.

Final Thoughts

The pinned comment Instagram feature is a perfect way to highlight the authentic information from audiences at the top of your comments section. For a new audience, the informative comment remains a great choice of grabbing their impression. Follow the steps mentioned above for all types of users to pin the comments on all required Instagram features.

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