10 Useful Ways to Put Instagram Reels For Your Business

10 Useful Ways to Put Instagram Reels For Your Business


Instagram Reels are worth trying out if you want to take your marketing efforts on the platform to the next level. Instagram Reels are looping 15- or 30-second videos that may be edited with audio and visual additions. Videos play continuously as you navigate until you stop scrolling. These brief, memorable clips are easy to remember and pass along, increasing their chances of going viral.

With Instagram’s new video function, you can easily get the ball rolling on a wide variety of original works that are both on-brand and on-topic, allowing you to engage with your audience and raise your brand’s profile. How do they function, and how can you employ them to advance your brand? 

The Function of Instagram Reels

Just like on TikTok and other famous short music video applications, Instagram Reels allow you to immerse yourself in the world of short videos. Discover, compose, and enhance your reels with more comments, likes and shares. 

Reel Exploration on Instagram 

Before you plunge in, take some time to observe how other people are using Reels on their personal or company profiles. To access Reels, open the app and seek the tab resembling a clapperboard with a play button the Reels symbol. In this tab, you may watch Reels from the accounts you already follow, as well as from accounts Instagram believes would be of interest to you based on your past interactions with the app. The Explore page also provides a means of discovering Reels. You may also find the Reels button on a user’s profile page. 

How to Make Instagram Reels?

Get ready to start making things! Let’s start recording now, so activate the camera. Tap the plus symbol ( ) in the app’s top right corner to add a video to your Instagram account. A menu with many authoring choices, including Reels, will appear when you click the button. Select the Reels menu item to access several configuration settings. 

Instagrammers will immediately recognize the music symbol, the lightning-fast pace, and the timer, among other things. The length of your Instagram reels will be up to you; options range from 15 to 30 seconds. If you are unsure, take a few steps. Keep in mind that a shorter film repeatedly played on a Reel may be more effective.

How To Add Music To Your IG Reels?

You’ll see a music note symbol when you first begin editing your reel video. When you click the music note, a list of songs will appear, similar to the list of tracks available for use in Instagram stories. 

Type relevant keywords into the top search bar to find the appropriate music for your reel videos. Then, pick the song’s snippet that works best with your clip and your intended effect. You don’t have to utilize music in your Reels; talking or environmental sound work just as well.

Instagram Reels: 10 Tips for Brand Promotion

1. Use Instagram Reels To Tell Your Brand’s Story

Give me your motivation. One of the best ways to engage with your audience is to share the narrative behind your business. Using Instagram Reels, you can tell your story in a creative and genuine way. You should avoid seeming salesy while explaining the history of your brand. The available integrations and video features simplify this. Tailored Tulle utilized Instagram Reels to share the tale of their first year in operation and express their thanks to their consumers, complete with branded musical accompaniment.

2. Give The Audience Access To Special Coupons

This is where the good times begin! Why not “reward” your most devoted fans and viewers with exclusive offers and access to behind-the-scenes content in a lighthearted and interesting way? If you have a new product or deal coming up, this may be a terrific method to get people excited about shopping at your site. 

You can also tag items in your Instagram Reel if your brand’s Instagram account is set up for Instagram purchasing. Get them interested in your goods with an exciting video clip, then hook them with an irresistible discount and a tag for easy online purchasing. 

3. Share Your Creative Reels

Getting an early look at new work from a favorite designer or brand is always well-received since it makes the recipient feel special. Those unfamiliar with your company can learn more about what went into creating the product. Reels are a great way to keep people in the loop and get them more invested in your business, whether you plan to give them a sneak look or turn the camera on whenever inspiration strikes. 

4. Give Sneak Peeks With Behind The Scene Videos

There is more to corporate life than the perfectly staged square photographs that dominate our social media feeds. Use Reels for exclusive behind-the-scenes videos to connect with your audience on a deeper level and win over the people who actually care about your work. Tell your fans the truth. Show them the inner workings of your company and invite them to experience the highs and lows with you. 

5. Use Reels To Introduce Your Staff

When marketing on social media, why not inject some humanity into what is often an impersonal medium? You may use Reels to conduct in-depth interviews with your staff, play their choice of music, and highlight their extracurricular activities.

You should clear all of this with human resources first, but it’s a terrific way to add some personality to your social media postings, especially if your sector is more formal. 

You may utilize Reels to introduce your company and staff while showcasing your products and services. KidoodleTV, a streaming service, asked its employees to submit their favorite shows and channels for kids on Instagram Reels.

6. Exhibit Your Goods

Does your product come with a wide array of customization options? Alternatively, do you provide bespoke services? Reels may be used to emphasize your items’ distinctive features and practical applications. 

Instagram Reels are a great way for William Sonoma to show off its items in action, such as how they might appear on a holiday table or when used to serve a customer’s favorite cuisine.

7. Promote Contests With Instagram Reels

Promote your freebies and generate new followers on Instagram or thank your most loyal clients. Or you can throw in some unexpected freebies.

8. Use Reels to Teach Your Audience

You may use Instagram Reels to teach your audience more about your company or the causes you support. You may help someone who is still learning by giving them small pieces of information that you take for granted as an expert. It’s a fantastic opportunity to spread knowledge and promote your field.  

Instagram reels also offer a unique opportunity to educate others. By sharing valuable insights and knowledge, businesses can make a real impact on their followers’ lives. And with the ability to receive Instagram comments on each reel, there is a space for conversation and further learning. So, whether you’re looking to promote your business or support a cause, utilizing Instagram reels as a teaching tool is a smart move.

9. Offer Instagram Reel Product Demonstrations

Whether your product is complex and requires a detailed explanation or you want to show off amazing features, these short movies are a terrific method to do it. You’re free to be imaginative, humorous, or completely absurd. You might highlight the product’s unique selling points or suggest creative ways to use it.

Artists may use this to their advantage by putting the spotlight on the work that goes into a piece. Rachel Froud uses Instagram Reels to show viewers her creative process.

10. Spread Joy With The Help Of Reels

We put a lot of thought into the return on investment, bottom line, and profit margins when it comes to social media marketing. However, a greater chance may present itself via social media. Through social media, we are invited into people’s lives, where we may spread some cheer.  The same holds true for reels. In fact, they are often the best method to make others smile and laugh. Simple is best. 

Do a little display of something cute or lovely. Bring some cheer to the world from your own small piece of the internet. Here is the latest from America’s VetDogs’ Reels channel. It’s nothing fancy, simply a glimpse inside their routine. There was nothing excessive. Even though there would have been countless options for looping in a catchy tune, they chose to stick with simply their background noise. 


Instagram Reels are a great way to give your account a facelift and gain new followers. Tell your brand’s story well with entertaining, concise films that use memorable melodies. You may try out new things and unleash your imagination with this wonderful resource.

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